The explanation why, is simple: the approval is based on minimum test requirements. For many manufacturers they are satisfied to only meet these minimum test requirements. There is also a limit to the capacity of any given helmet to absorb impacts. However, there is are no limits outside of the test lab. These circumstances just cannot be simulated under test laboratory conditions, as they are much more demanding than any standard.



At Arai we have studied incident data for decades. We have gained an incredible knowledge in our many years of racing on the highest levels. From MotoGP to Formula 1 Arai is the favourite choice of riders and drivers and this offers us a wealth of personal and hands-on data from our racers. We have learned not to focus on just meeting these laboratory test standards. Standards merely verify that the helmet complies with minimum test requirements. Nothing less, nothing more.


But meeting these standards is not a goal on itself. Not for Arai. For us they are a starting point, a marker for further developing and improving our helmets.



what we learned

The helmet must keep on sliding

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