At Arai we ride bikes ourselves. Arai’s founder, Hirotake Arai was a rider. Our CEO Mr. Mich Arai and his son are riders.

The President of Arai, and many, many of our co-workers are enthusiastic riders. We know what we are talking about. When your own family name is on your helmet, rider protection is what really matters. And we are not afraid to work out and test some extreme design concepts. But at the end of the day none proved to offer the level of protection we demand.

we know, we ride ourselves

But we learned some remarkable facts during these extensive tests: the importance of individual parts that could be improved for better real world performance. It’s a bit like an iceberg. There is much more than meets the eye. Alone one single improved part may not make a significant difference. But when many improved components are accumulated, the final result can be much more than just the sum of the improved parts.


The long history of Arai has shown that this evolutionary development and improvement in protection performance, results in helmets that perform under real world circumstances. They are the result of carefully improving and fine tuning all parts of our helmets to a balanced and comprehensive functioning whole. Our extensive experience has enabled us to better understand helmets. And how to make them perform as good as only an Arai can. That is where Arai makes the difference.

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