Everyone at Arai take great pride that the #1 stands for protection. It has been said of helmets in the industry that liabilities of manufacturers primarily cease by meeting requirements of applicable standards. However, there are limits to any helmet, while there is no limit to severities of impacts outside of the test lab.


We at ARAI are bikers too. So, we have always been after protection for the rider riding on the road, not in a test lab. We have challenged many ideas too. We even invested in making samples of revolutionary ideas, but none of which have been found to be trustworthy as of today.


One such difference is in a foundational basis for Arai shells, referenced as R75. R75 sets a criteria for a shell shape that is rounder and smoother, which is better suited to deal with the realities of an actual crash. Such rounder and smoother shell designs are better able to glance off obstacles, and slide more easily over uneven surfaces, minimizing impact energy that is sent directly into the helmet as well as reducing excessive rotational forces.

we are bikers too

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