It was during the experience of developing the new shell moulding process and multi-density liners that Mitch recognized the value of the accumulation of small details, which when combined advanced the performance much more than expected. To this day no small detail is dismissed or taken for granted, as each one plays an important role as a part of the bigger whole.


With an improved shell and new multi-density liner, Arai set out to prove their efforts by having racers put their helmets to the test. It soon became apparent that while there was no real plan in place, they certainly were heading in the right direction. Rider protection increased and Arai quickly gained a reputation as being a better helmet. Once the Japanese market was dominated with Arai, sights were set on America, and as they did in Japan they approached riders with the concept of better protection. After convincing a few, just as it happened in Japan, it didn´t take long for word to spread about a better helmet from Arai.

Soon, Arai was on the world Moto-GP scene, being worn by racers from around the world and winning championships, and Mitch´s goal was reached – the Company that bears his family name is acknowledged as producing the #1 helmet in the world.


race tested

Freddie Spencer was one of the earliest and most important ambassadors of the Arai brand in Grand Prix racing.

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