An excellent example of Arai’s vision on protection and safety is the development of the PSS, the Pro Shade System. A clever drop-down sunvisor, combined with well known, wide vision Max Vision visor with integrated Pinlock inlay lens.




It is the all-weather solution against sun glare, fogging and misting. The sun visor flips up and down with a flick of the hand and is fixed in position. A much asked question is however, why Arai did not use a build in sun visor. There are three good reasons not to use a build in sun visor:


  1. No reduction in thickness of the EPS inner shell is needed. When the visor is build in, the space for it is created by making the EPS liner thinner
  2. No weakening of the outer shell. The air space needed for a build in visor and the lack of bonding between the outer shell and the inner EPS liner will weaken the outer shell
  3. No operating mechanism needed. The operating system will also need space that is not available for the EPS liner any more. Furthermore it often contains metal parts within the EPS liner that could be dangerous in case of impacts.


Pro Shade System – locked peak

How does the PSS functions when riding?

With the visor in the up position it functions as a peak. The locking mechanism will keep the peak in position. Glare from high sun is filtered out. (Image 1)










When the sun is low, only a subtle dip of the head is needed to reduce ambient light. The PSS will not block the complete field of view, just the part that causes glare. You still have the advantage of a clear view through the clear visor. (Image 2)


Compare it with sun visor in a car, only the PSS functions much faster. Just a dip of the head is all that is needed. No need to take a hand of the handlebars to operate a lever or button. The riders view is not blocked by a full sun visor, the clear part offers a clear view on the road ahead. PSS takes away the glare, not the view on the road and other traffic.


Pro Shade System – pull down

But the clever PSS system offers additional advantages. By simply unlocking the visor and pulling it down if functions as an efficient sun visor. There is no need to carry an additional sun visor. No more changing the visor when the sun goes down and fast switching between sun visor and the clear visor function, especially handy when riding into a tunnel or gallery. The PSS system is a complete package consisting of the sun peak, Max Vision visor and Pinlock inlay anti-fog lens. This is the real all-weather solution for riding under all weather conditions offering protection against glare and fogging alike The PSS system has been tested extensively in the wind tunnel and under real world conditions on European road and under European weather conditions. During these test it showed that the PSS didn’t increased wind noise and caused no buffeting of the helmet, even at high speeds.

pss (pro shade system)

Image 1

Image 2

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