Mitch himself experimented for months, into the late hours every night, trying to devise a method to produce consistent shell thickness. More experienced men in the shell molding department dismissed his efforts as a waste of time, but he persisted. After many months, some of these men tired of seeing him struggle and came to appreciate what he was trying to achieve and offered to help him. This was the beginning of “being part of something more”. These men joined an effort with a desire to contribute something more out of a passion for their work and a pride in what they produce.



Akihito Arai is just like his father, and grandfather, a spirited rider himself.

After some progress, it was determined that it was impossible to achieve absolute consistency in shell thickness, so Mitch implemented the double quality control check of every single helmet shell in order to better identify inconsistencies so it they can be corrected. To this day, every single Arai shell is inspected by two individual and separate quality control check points.

Once the shell was brought to a level that satisfied the “shell experts”, attention was directed toward the interior liner. Managing impact energy, slowing the high speed of an impact within the short distance of a helmets liner, is an extremely difficult task. A strong shell displaced that energy over a wide area and it was the liners job to manage it. Many materials were considered, but EPS proved to have the best performance across a wide range of temperatures, and to this day is still the best material available to deal with absorbing more impact energy in the smallest space possible, while at the same time adding minimal weight. Arai then furthered helmet performance by pioneering the concept of multi-density liners to better deal with different impact energies in different areas around the helmet, allowing the maximum amount of energy management with the minimum liner thickness.

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