One of the most distinctive features of an Arai helmet is the comfort it offers. How comfort is experienced is however a very personal matter. Therefore it is very difficult to compare the comfort offered among different helmet brands. Yet, there are strong arguments that indicate that the comfort offered by an Arai helmet is in a class of its own.



The most convincing in this respect are the statements offered by racers. Racing drivers and riders must concentrate themselves for significant amounts of time under extreme conditions. High temperatures, fierce competition, tightly strapped to their seats and still able to focus completely on racing as fast as possible.


That is why for instance Formula 1 racing drivers need that ultimate comfort because nothing may distract their concentration. In fact, F1 drivers may well be the most demanding racers where comfort is an issue. They do not choose a specific helmet brand for safety performance only. The fit and balance of the helmet is crucial for them as well. What is then the helmet of choice for most of the Formula 1 grid? They prefer Arai. And so should you, as every helmet wearing the Arai name is made by the very same team that builds yours.


our unsurpassed comfort

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