So Mitch Arai set his sights on making better helmets. Not helmets to be sold in high quantities, or helmets just to make the most profit, but helmets that offered more protection as he, like his father, was a rider and wanted to protect himself.


Having experience already in building helmets, he knew that shell strength was important in order to resist penetration of sharp objects and to maintain shape in an impact. He knew a strong, round shell would be better able to glance of an object, diverting energy and minimizing how much direct energy the helmet must deal with. This fact is something he recognized from the very beginning and is still true to this day.


Shell strength is directly related to the shell thickness and consistent shell thickness provided the best chance to maintain shape and withstand big glancing blows. He began by trying to devise methods that would produce more consistent shells, specifically consistent shell thickness, which was extremely difficult at that time, and still is to this day when using the bag molding method. However, bag molding increases the ratio of fiber to resin, producing a stronger shell.


making better helmets

Mitch Arai experimented for months, into the late hours every day, trying to devise a method to produce consistent shell thickness. Even today he is an enthusiast rider himself.

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