The focus on safety is typical for Arai through the many years of the brands existence. The founder of the company, Hirotake Arai, was a hat maker, but although a really enthusiast rider.


In the fifties there were no helmet manufacturers in Japan and as Japan was a closed market, it was very difficult to obtain a proper helmet. No legal standards, no manufacturers but after a few spills Hirotake Arai knew he wanted a good helmet for his own safety and later also for a couple of friends. It was the start of Arai as a helmet manufacturing business. The next thing was to develop his own testing standards and testing equipment, as no legal standards existed. As a hat maker he knew that people have all different heads, creating a need for a perfect fit of the helmet.

It’s important to notice that Hirotake Arai’s intention was not to start another commercial business, but to create helmets that were able to protect his fellow riders. It is this drive that is still within the Arai company to this very day.

Hirotake Arai: a rider himself

Long before helmets were available in Japan, Hirotake Arai showed his skills on a motorcycle.

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