It is the ability of a helmet to Glance Off objects to avoid sending energy directly into the helmet and instead disperse as much energy as possible without stopping in an actual accident. Arai believes that the ability to glance off energy, without stopping, is one of the most important performance characteristics of a helmet in real world scenarios.

what is glancing off?

Drop tests required by laboratory test standards are limited to a vertical fall with the helmet having to accept all of the impact energy directly at one point.




A helmet should not just comply with acknowledged laboratory test standards, it should exceed in circumstances and situations outside the criteria of those acknowledged standards. Arai believes that the R75 shape concept for our shell construction, which mandates a rounder, smoother shell thus enhancing the ability of the helmet to both disperse and distribute impact energy by learning from real scenarios through our long history. Arai has continually improved the “Glancing off” performance by learning from real scenarios. The new RX-7V ‘’VAS’’ (Variable Axis System) is the latest development  in our pursuit of better helmet performance. Compared with the shell of the RX-7 GP, the smoother area around the temple was increased by an average of 24mm because of the shell modification on the VAS model. Having a larger, smoother shell over a wider area increases the ability to divert more energy.

However, real scenarios are very different. In actual accident situations, most cases show that helmets hit obstacles at an angle (oblique impact) not vertically. Therefore, during an oblique impact, the point of impact moves as the helmet and obstacle move against each other. This changing impact point increases the helmets ability to better disperse and attentuate impact energy. This is that glancing off. Arai believes that no helmet can manage all potential impact energy, therefore avoiding or diverting potential impact energy with a rounder smoother shape should be a key function of a helmet. This is why R75 is one of the most important in-house standards at Arai.

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