The Pure Pursuit of Quality

The Pure Pursuit of QualityAs you might have figured by this point, an Arai helmet isn't the product of compromise or the dictates of profit-driven shareholders. There aren't different levels of quality to fit a given price. Fact is, we don't build Arai helmets to fit a price. We couldn't, not with everything we put into them. Not with everything you get out of them. This is Arai alone.

We don't build helmets to squeeze under the barest minimum of safety standards. We don't build "DOT" helmets, or "Snell" helmets. We build ARAI helmets. To us, Snell and DOT standards are baselines, not objectives. The starting point, not the goal.

We build your Arai helmet to our standards, toward the ideal of what "could" happen to you in an accident instead of simply what's "likely" to happen. As a result of this effort a typical Arai helmet easily meets the world's major motorcycle-helmet safety standards - with little or no modification.