A Family's Name, A Family's Pride

A Family's Name, A Family's PrideArai's single-minded obsession with the comfort and safety of riders comes from our roots.

Arai alone is a family-owned helmet company started over 60 years ago by an artisan: a custom hat maker who rode motorcycles back in the 1930s. (Talk about a match made in heaven.) And the company Hirotaké Arai founded is still his family's company three generations later. Still singularly committed to that same goal.

So when you hold an Arai helmet in your hands, wear it and feel its unparalleled comfort, you know not only where it came from, but who it came from. And why. Compare this against the cold reality of an industry of big, impersonal publicly-held helmet corporations whose primary mission, by definition, is stockholder profit, not excellence at any cost.

Consider: If your family's name was on a helmet, would you be content with it being the same as everybody else's? Us neither.